Easy Pouss - Hair Growth Elixir (Thin Hair)


Hair Growth Elixir (Thin Hair)


The Growth Elixir is a formula extremely concentrated in natural active ingredients. This Elixir stops hairloss and accelerate hair regrowth.

It increases the capillary density by allowing a better blood circulation of the scalp.

This special formula eliminates dandruff, strengthens the roots and allows an incredible suppleness of the hair while keeping them healthy.

The classic shandrani easy pouss hair growth elixir is the result of several years of research and development within our own laboratory Earth Cosmeo.

Like all our products, we strive for perfection and continually improve our chemical formulas. Of course we mainly work on natural active ingredients, all our products are chemically harmless, with ingredients of mostly natural origin. We do not test animals.



Easy Pouss - Hair Growth Elixir (Thin Hair)

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